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About MentDoc

A large number of Indians (approximately 60 million- a number greater than the combined population of some countries like South Africa) – suffer from mental disorders.

Mr. JP Nadda, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, in his address in the Lok Sabha in May 2016, revealed that according to the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (2005) (click here), about 10-20 million Indians were suffering from complex mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, whereas nearly 50 million Indians were suffering from common mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

With growing awareness of Mental Health and Mental Illnesses in India, the Mental Healthcare Bill was revised in 2017, bringing reformative changes to enhance the availability and scope of Mental Health services in the Country.



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Dr. Gorav Gupta

Consultant Psychiatrist

MentDoc is an excellent platform for any psychiatrist as it has been designed carefully keeping the needs of the mental health professionals in mind. I can manage my appointments in a digital manner across different clinics of Tulasi Healthcare.
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Ms. Rashi Singh


MentDoc is a well-designed platform sufficing the requirements of any Mental Health Professional. Not only does it help in proper management of my clinical operations, but it also eases the tedious process of record keeping and accessing.
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Dr. Parvaiz A. Khan


MentDoc as a platform has helped me greatly in management of my appointments , accessing reports, and retrieval of past case records. Keeping and maintaining physical records was a task which has now been made much simpler by MentDoc.
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Mr. Naveen Kumar


MentDoc is a highly efficient software specially designed for the mental health professionals. Not only are my appointments managed efficiently, but also I am able to reschedule my appointments and access reports of my clients.


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