About MentDoc

A large number of Indians (approximately 60 million- a number greater than the combined population of some countries like South Africa) – suffer from mental disorders.

Mr. JP Nadda, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, in his address in the Lok Sabha in May 2016, revealed that according to the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (2005) (click here), about 10-20 million Indians were suffering from complex mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, whereas nearly 50 million Indians were suffering from common mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

With growing awareness of Mental Health and Mental Illnesses in India, the Mental Healthcare Bill was revised in 2017, bringing reformative changes to enhance the availability and scope of Mental Health services in the Country. To support the mandate of the Mental Healthcare Bill for provisions for maintenance of records and reporting by Mental Health Professionals, and the right of the patient to assess basic medical records (– a person with mental illness is entitled to receive documented medical information, pertaining to his diagnosis, investigation, assessment, and treatment as per the medical record), Ment Doc was initiated as India’s 1st Mental Health EHR (Electronic Health Record) Solution and Practice Management Solution to assist mental health professionals in diagnosis, planning investigations and treatment, recording, scheduling appointments, providing e-prescriptions, manage consultations, etc.

The Company started its operations in the domain of Mental Well-Being by creating a model for Mental Health Enhancement and Wellness of Adolescents, under the name of “Enrich” – catering to aspects of Social, Emotional, Academic and Career Well-being of Adolescents, by providing screening, guidance and enrichment services. Enrich has successfully reached more than 2,000 students through its psychometric screening and assessment tools and nearly 3,000 students through their workshops, helping students develop effective skills ranging from self-awareness to self-enhancement.

The company further expanded into the domain of online guidance and counselling, by developing programs for self-enhancement and adolescent mentoring, parent guidance, enrichment services, skill-building, enrichment workshops, etc, widening the gamut of scope and services. It further extended its services towards young adults, by developing and delivering well-being programs to college students and corporate employees. (www.enrichlife.in).

Our services also include telephonic counselling through a dedicated helpline devised for this purpose and various education and engagement programs that have been implemented on a timely basis (https://welisten.in).

The services catered by MentDoc have been designed solely for different mental health professionals like neurologists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and other allied professionals.

What We Do?

MentDoc is a superior alternative to the traditional paper-based record keeping for a patient/client. The record/s can be electronically shared between health care professionals in a healthcare setting or otherwise, maintain the defined standards of efficiency, confidentiality, and security of medical records.

MentDoc has been designed to simplify and provide:-

  1. Effective tool for Diagnostic clarification based on the ICD-10 classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders.

  2. Appointment Scheduling and Consultation Management.

  3. Patient details – contact, previous history, allergies or complications, emergency contacts.

  4. Past medical history and related records.

  5. Progress summaries and notes.

  6. Past and future medical facility appointments.

  7. Treatment plan/s.

  8. Prescription/s and Doctor’s recommendations.

  9. Patient Education and Patient Engagement.


MentDoc has been designed and developed by a team of leading professionals from the fields of IT, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Management.


Dr. Rajesh Sanghi-

A successful serial entrepreneur who already has 2 successful exits to strategic players; including one of them to a NASDAQ listed company. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he also nurtures promising start ups directly as well as through angel funds. He has invested in 5-6 start ups including 2 in the healthcare domain. He is an early investor in Sense.ly and clarifyhealth both of which are US companies. He also is an LP in one digital health fund in US by the name Launchpad digital healthfund.
Currently Dr. Rajesh Sanghi is the Managing Director of Momark Services, Data Resolve and a mentor to a number of start-ups, with over thirty years of IT Industry experience and worked in several segments such as Defense, ISV’s, MNC’s, Systems Integrator, Telecom solutions provider industry and IT companies including the likes of IBM, Usha Com in a variety of leadership roles.
Achievements: IBM India - won the corporate award (highest global technical award of IBM) and Gerstner award (highest global business award of IBM) both for the first time in APAC region.

Dr. Diya Nangia Kapoor-

Dr. Diya Nangia Kapoor is a practicing clinical psychologist. She completed her graduation and post-graduation in Psychology from University of Delhi, and further, her M.phil from the prestigious institute of national importance, NIMHANS, Bangalore, and Ph.D, from IGNOU, New Delhi. She is a private practitioner at M WELL, a positive psychology and psychotherapy clinic in New Delhi. She has previously worked as a Senior Research Fellow at AIIMS, New Delhi, and as an Adolescent Clinical Psychologist at NIPCCD, New Delhi, and is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Tulasi Healthcare. She has extensively worked in the area of Adolescent well-being, and incorporates positive psychology, mindfulness, and skills training, in her approach towards mentoring adolescents. She has been actively involved with Enrich since its inception and has been the think-tank behind the product development. She is responsible for developing the Psychology related products and services at MentDOC.

Team Members

Adish Jain-

Adish Jain is an experienced marketing professional having nearly half a decade of rich marketing experience. He is an alumnus of GGSIPU University and has completed MBA in marketing and finance from The Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Dwarka. Having had varied and enriching experiences in business development and marketing across different positions in leading organizations like Ranbaxy, GSK, PepsiCo and Videocon Industries, he carries a plethora of expertise and experience. He is not only responsible for the incubation of Enrich, but also is the back-bone. Adish is actively involved in the business development and sales and marketing of MentDoc.

Anupam Gupta-

Anupam Gupta is a management professional having experience in recruitments. A Graduate in Business Administration and a Post-Graduate in International Marketing from Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, he further pursued his MBA in Marketing and HR from LBSIM, New Delhi followed by a PG Certification Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling from the Promise Foundation, Bangalore. Anupam has been associated with different organizations during his professional experience including The South Indian Bank, Parle Ltd., and Videocon Industries Limited. He has been actively involved with Enrich since its inception and has conducted various workshops and individual counselling sessions for students from different socio-economic backgrounds. At MentDoc, Anupam handles recruitment, operations and team management.

USP's of MentDoc:-

  1. Forms and Documentation according to the mandate by the Mental Healthcare Bill, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

  2. Diagnosis Clarification using a scientifically designed symptom matrix.

  3. Easy liaison and communication between multiple professionals/departments.

  4. Extended scope and accessibility of services of psychiatrists and psychologists.

  5. Effective, secure and confidential record maintenance.

  6. Suffices the needs of Mental Healthcare Bill.

  7. Digital Prescription- Maintain a direct contact with

    1. Pharmacy

    2. Labs

    3. Reference cases

    4. Admissions

  8. Monitoring the progress of your patient in a digital way.

  9. Customizable as per doctor’s or professional’s needs.

  10. Accessibility to Patient health records, reports of clinical assessments and psychological assessment, therapy notes, etc.

  11. Enhancing and Making easy Patient-Doctor Interaction and Engagement.

  12. Ease of educating the Patients and Patient’s nominated representative.

  13. Making possible the patient-patient interaction through supervised chat groups for specific conditions.