MentDoc is an integrated medical web based application suite for mental health professionals. The services catered by MentDoc have been designed solely for different mental health professionals like neurologists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and other allied professionals.

Features include practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, and diagnosis and treatment management that all work together to automate practice workflow.

MentDoc was initiated keeping in mind the Mandation brought by the Mental Healthcare Bill, 2017 which aims to enhance the scope of services of Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

MentDoc will keep in mind the right to access basic medical records mandation by Mental Healthcare Bill, 2017(A person with mental illness shall entitled to receive documented medical information, pertaining to his diagnosis, investigation, assessment and treatment as per the medical record) that will help mental health professionals to keep their records secure and safe in accordance with the mental healthcare bill, 2017.

Digital Prescription using MentDoc-

In place of written and faxed prescriptions, it is advisable to go for computer-based electronic prescription generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription. Digital Prescription or E-prescribing allows a medical representative to electronically transmit new prescriptions or renew authorization to individuals or pharmacies.

It emphasizes on the ability to send precise and understandable prescriptions electronically from the healthcare provider to the customer or reseller.

E-prescribing mitigates the risks associated with conventional prescription script writing. It is also is crucial in storage of soft copies of medical records on a server or on the cloud.By sharing prescription information, electronic prescribing seeks to connect the patient's team of healthcare professionals to expeditiously promote decision making.

Doctors can prescribe medication using MentDoc and forward an e-prescription. The e-prescription will be immediately accessible in the partner pharmacy thus making the whole process much easier and quicker.

EHR Management through MentDoc-

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's summaries and records. EHRs are patient-oriented records that facilitate an authorized professional a quick and secure access to information.

EHRs in addition to the above can:

  • Contain an individual's medical history, diagnosis, medication plans, treatment plans, immunization details, allergies, radiodiagnosis and laboratory/test results
  • Help providers take evidence based decisions about a patient.
  • Aid and streamline process flow.

A critical feature of an EHR is that information is created and managed by authorized providers in a format, which makes it capable of being shared with other providers across many health care organizations.

EHRs are designed in order to share information with other health care partners − such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, school clinics and workplace clinics.

MentDoc is designed in a manner that it fulfills all the requirements and tasks expected from a robust EHR software, thus easing exchange and flow of critical information.

Diagnosis and Treatment using MentDoc-

A Tool for Diagnostic clarification based on ICD10 classification of mental health behaviours and disorders.

The software developed by MentDoc has been designed to aid mental health professionals in clarifying diagnosis based on Patient Symptomatology by matching it with the diagnostic criteria as given under the ICD10 classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, thus making it highly effective and reliable.

Practice Management and MentDoc-

MentDoc has been designed in a manner that it will be of immense help to an MHP in easing the operations by streamlining and digitizing them. With the help of the dashboard, all the important information like My Patients, Total Consultations, Upcoming Appointments, Total Co-Workers, Total Clinics, Labs and Pharmacies.

Also it helps in managing multiple clinics effectively in addition to referring cases for a second opinion at the click of a button.

No more worrying about writing prescriptions manually and coordination with pharmacies, all will be available at the click of a button.

MentDoc was initiated as India's 1st Mental Health Record Maintenance Solution as well Practice Management & Patient Engagement Solution to assist mental health professionals in diagnosis, planning investigations, treatment, recording, scheduling appointments, providing e-prescriptions, manage consultations, etc.